Quality Assurance

Quality is at the center of our concerns from the start. A certified and highly qualified team watches over the continuous improvement of the product, following a quality assurance approach and an efficient and automated testing process that meets international standards.

Functional Test

It is a way to verify that a product has all the required features and meets the functional requirements. It is seen as a pivotal element for strengthening the quality of the software developed.

Unit Test

A unit test is a process for ensuring the correct operation of a program unit. This involves verifying compliance with the terms of the module's service contract, and whether performing it several times always leads to the same result.

UI Test

You opt for a fast, economical solution that offers a user experience similar to that of a mobile application, without having to use the memory of device storage or submission to app stores?
Accessible at any time, or even without an internet connection, get a "Turnkey" application, installable on your phone, responsive in its use, and ergonomic.

Code quality

This is to ensure that the source code follows a series of conventions and rules of good practice, making it easy to read and understand by anyone.


Cybersecurity is all the means that ensure protection against malicious attacks and the integration of sensitive data into a digital infrastructure.

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